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Thanks for visiting and for your interest in the Grotek™ product line. Would you like to take a copy of the Grotek Feeding Chart with you? You can either download the Grotek Grow/Bloom Feeding Chart in PDF format.

Download Grotek Feeding Chart
(size of .pdf file - 304KB)

Grotek’s Award Winning FEED CHART just got a whole lot better!

We’ve done it again! Grotek’s New and Improved Feeding Dial guides you easily thru our complete family of Grow and Bloom products so that you can get the results that you deserve! New to this dial is our unique Grow Formulas for Transplanting, Mild and Strong Growth stages and a Pre Flowering Stage. Along with our award winning Flowering dial now on the other side of this Grow Dial it’s Simple yet super effective. Putting tools like this in your hands is allowing you to get the most from Grotek’s complete formula of signature products; Solo.Tek Grow and Bloom, Vitamax Plus, Bloom/Bud Fuel, Veg Growth Booster, Heavy Bloom/Bud, Blossom Blaster and the classic Monster Bloom. Again, Grotek’s is pushing forward to revolutionize the way you get the results that are simple so get everything that you work so hard for.

Grow Big with Grotek...