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Blossom Blaster™ Blossom Blaster™
Flowering Stage
Blossom Blaster™ provides available phospho... [more]
Bud Fuel™ Bud Fuel™
Flowering solution
Bud Fuel™ is a flowering supplement designe... [more]
Carbo-Max™ Carbo-Max™
The Energy Source
During photosynthesis plants naturally produce the... [more]
Final Flush™ Final Flush™
Fertilizer rinse solution
Salinity can become a serious issue for those gard... [more]
Heavy Bud™ Heavy Bud™
Increases weight and density
Heavy Bud™ is a complex blend of plant ess... [more]
LXR Black™ LXR Black™

LXR Black™ contains potassium which facilit... [more]
LXR Gold™ LXR Gold™

LXR Gold™ contains potassium which facilita... [more]
Monster Bloom™ Monster Bloom™
A plant fertilizer to help blooming
A classic bloom enhancer, Monster Bloom™ ha... [more]
Vitamax Plus™ Vitamax Plus™
Helps produce abundant fruit and flowers
Vitamax Plus™ is specially formulated to im... [more]