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Grotek Black Pearl is the only product I have seen that has effectively accelerated growth rates and improved overall plant health, all in one easily-added soil amendment. This one product has amazing visual results and has created so much positive feedback; I will definitely be stocking this product in my store, Valley Indoor Chilliwack. I have seen the results of this product first hand and nothing else on the market compares to Black Pearl. Customers that have been using this product are excited to see the difference in their plants and are now adding this product as a mainstay in their food programs.

Dave Appeldoorn
Valley Indoor

I’ve been growing for 6 years now and have tried many products on my plants. When I read about your new product "Black Pearl" I decided to test it out. My biggest problem was the plants I used Black Pearl on were veg’d too closely in a bed and when I transplanted them to pots, most of the root masses were torn off.

I used the scoop that came in the Black Pearl bucket and measured one scoop per 2gallon pot. I put the plants under a 1000w hps and kicked them into flower hours later that day. The next day most of the plants had drooped from the shock and were spindly sad looking plants. I almost threw them out. On the second day they began to perk up a bit, on the third day most were back in action. During weeks 2 through 7 the Black Pearl really kicked in and the amount of growth from these plants was incredible! Amazingly, I got my usual 1.2 per lamp.

In the same room, I had the same strain, under the same amount of lamps that were properly veg’d in pots for a full month longer. These plants were twice the size when they went into flower but did not receive the Black Pearl. I achieved my standard 1.2 per lamp and was happy.

But am more impressed with the results of the Black Pearl, by using one simple additive to my soil, I was able to bring my shocked plants back to life, cut my veg. time down by a full month, and achieve the same weight. I believe without the initial stress that the plants endured they could have even produced more then my standard 1.2.
So it seems this product is as good as you say, hands down the best soil enhancer on the market right now. Thanks Grotek, keep up the good work.

Customer of S.A Ecoline, Salmon Arm

I've been using Grotek's products in our store, and my displays have helped me sell some of your products. I have two stores in South Carolina, and a third location opening in Wilmington, NC. I have your Grotek Six Packs, Monster Bloom, Blossom Blaster, Heavy Bloom, & Bloom Fuel in my stores, and many customers will ask for your products by name.
Keep up the great work! We look forward to selling more of your products in 2011!

Wade Schaffner
All Season Hydroponics