The very act of gardening has its rewards. Besides the obvious one of having beautiful flowers or healthy vegetables there are therapeutic benefits to working the soil and watching your efforts come to fruition. Many people love the theory of gardening but when it comes to actually beginning the process find that it is a little overwhelming knowing where to start. The following are some tips to get beginners on the road to successful gardening.

  1. Method – No matter what your housing situation there is a method of gardening suitable to each one. Even those living in a high rise apartment can manage to grow flowers and vegetables provided they have a patio on which to place containers. If there is no patio simple plants such as herbs and mint can be grown in small pots placed on a windowsill.
  2. A beautiful balcony garden

  3. Type of Plants – If you have never grown any type of plants before, you need to decide whether you want to grow flowers or vegetables. Choose plants that are easy to grow and hardy as your first growing experience will be a learning opportunity. Your local garden shop can advise you on which plants are best suited to your area, climate and soil.
  4. Choose the right plants for your garden

  5. Tools – Beginner gardeners do not need all the fancy tools available on the market. A simple, versatile set of tools is all that is required in the beginning. A kneeling pad can be a good item to add to your list of tools, particularly when you will be planting flowers alongside a concrete or brick walkway. A tool bucket is another handy item for flower gardeners because all the hand tools can be stored around the outside and the bucket itself is useful for putting weeds in. Vegetable gardeners can get by with a spade and a fork to begin with.
  6. Find out what are the best gardening tools for a beiner.

  7. Soil Assessment – If you intend to grow an extensive vegetable garden it is worth the small cost to have your soil assessed for nutrients. Once the soil assessment has been completed you will how best to treat the soil so that it has a good balance of nutrients best suited to growing vegetables. Not all soil is suitable for gardening and you may find that raised beds are required. Should that be the case you can purchase organic soil to fill them.
  8. Soil assessment

  9. Join a Gardening Club – Clubs dedicated to helping gardeners, whether locally or online, can be a great source of assistance. Local club members can advise you on plants and methods that are best suited to your area. Online clubs have the advantage of large numbers of members from all over the world who have a wealth of experience. Websites and blogs can also be particularly helpful with lots of interesting articles and information.
  10. Join a gardening club

  11. Supplementation – Learn to use supplementation products to ensure your plants have the greatest opportunity to grow strong and healthy. Soil will need periodic supplementation to ensure nutrient balance is maintained, and specific plants can benefit from other supplementation products to help them be pest and disease resistant.
  12. Why gardening supplementation are important?