Whether growing flowering plants in soil or containers there is much joy to be gained from the addition of beautiful blooms. A home’s street appeal is greatly enhanced with the addition of flower gardens, but the greatest pleasure a gardener gains from growing flowering plants is the joy of watching things grow from seed into blooming flower plants. For first time flower gardeners there are some simple rules to bear in mind.

Start Simple – While you may want to completely cover your front yard with flowering plants it is best to begin with a small garden and let it grow as you learn more. You can research online and in gardening books to learn how to plan out your entire garden, but restrict your initial planting to one small area. Your confidence will grow as your plants grow.

A simple garden design for gardening beginners

Nourish the Soil – Make sure that the soil you plan on planting in, whether in pots or the ground, is free of rocks and stones, has plenty of nutrients and is loose enough to allow water to flow through it freely. Soil that is packed too hard will not be able to absorb water, and air will not be able to flow through it. Begin by clearing the area of all rocks, stones, and other foreign objects. Turn the soil over thoroughly so that it is loose. Buy a ‎nutrient supplement to ensure the soil has the right balance of nutrients in which your flowering plants can flourish.

Nourish the soil before planting

Choose the Right Plants – Like humans, some plants love the sun and others prefer to be in the shade. Knowing which plants are best suited to your particular needs is essential to avoid them wilting and dying unnecessarily. Your local gardening shop can best advise you about which plants will flourish in your local area.

What are the right plants for your garden?

Choose Quality Tools – A good set of hand tools may cost you initially but provided you care for them they will serve you well for many years. At the very least you will need a hand fork and shovel but a kneeling pad and tool caddy can be useful items too.

How to choose quality gardening tools?

Patience – Plants need time and nurturing to grow so try to be patient. Enjoy the process as your plants grow inch by inch. Every day your plants will become stronger and healthier, and before too long buds will begin to appear. It is only a matter of time after that before you have beautiful, colorful blooms to enjoy.

Enjoy the process of your plants growth!

Weeding – Aside from disease and pests weeds are one of the biggest challenges plants face. Keeping the soil weed free will give plants an unfettered path up through the ground, and will avoid the possibility of root systems competing with weeds for nutrients. Every day spend a couple of minutes perusing the soil around your plants and remove any visible weeds.

Weed your garden

Supplements – Treat your plants with organic fertilizers to ensure your growing plants get all the nutrients they need as well as grow strong and healthy to resist disease and attacks by pests. Apply exactly as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions for optimum results.

Treat your plants with organic fertilizers

Here is a short video with useful tips on how to grow flowers in your garden (for beginners):