In order for plants to have the best opportunity to grow strong and healthy they must have a steady supply of nutrients. The base nutrients are a combination of a number of minerals which when combined in the right ratios provide plants with a balanced diet on which to thrive. Just like humans, too much or too little of any particular nutrient can be detrimental to the overall health and strength of plants.

What are the base nutrients for plants?The base nutrients are essential to plants flourishing, and for both home gardeners and commercial growers, healthy, strong plants are desirable. Once the soil has been fed the right nutrients so that it can provide a balanced diet of base nutrients, all other products designed to build upon the base nutrients can improve the entire growing process, resulting in even stronger, healthier plants with higher yields. This is particularly helpful to those who grow flower and vegetable plants either for their own enjoyment or to supply to others.

The benefits of adding supplementation are immense. While flower and vegetable plants have a natural growing cycle products designed to provide additional nutrients can not only shorten the growing time but also encourages plants to produce bigger, better, and more blooms (flower plants) and bigger, tastier, more nutritious produce (vegetable plants). For home gardeners this is desirable as their vegetable crops can provide more health benefits through the vitamins and minerals the vegetables contain, and for commercial growers it allows the opportunity for better ROI and the ability to supply more retailers with a steady supply of vegetables.

How does a nutrient deficiency in plants look like?

In certain growing conditions such as those supplied by hydroponic and greenhouse growing methods adding specialized supplementation products can result in the ability to grow seasonal vegetable and flower plants out of season. When applied according to manufacturer’s instructions, and provided the right atmospheric conditions are present, the same healthy blooms and vegetables that can be expected to grow during spring and summer months are possible to be grown during colder months.

In order to ensure optimum results with your home gardening project or your commercial growing endeavors it is imperative that only the best quality products are used. Manufacturers of quality products have invested heavily in research and development in order to produce products that address the nutritional needs of plants from the roots up. No matter what soil type a grower is working with there are nutritional feed supplementation products designed to bring balance, and then once planting has been undertaken a grower can use additional supplementation to ensure healthy, strong plants from seed to cultivation. Application varies from product to product so it is imperative that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed closely to receive optimum results.