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Lack of the proper nutrition or too much of some nutrients can have an adverse effect on how many blooms flower plants will produce as well as the quality of the blooms. For commercial growers quality blooms are vital to their bottom line, therefore good soil boosted with bloom enhancements can mean a better return on their investment. For the home gardener who prides themselves on producing blooms that are the envy of neighbors, bloom enhancements can be particularly helpful.

Products designed to increase the quantity and quality of blooms typically contain a number of essential nutrients in optimum amounts. By applying the bloom enhancement product as per the manufacturer’s instructions the gardener can look forward to healthy plants that are likely to flower quicker, with better blooms in larger numbers.

What types of bloom enhancement products are there?Bloom enhancement products are available in both powder and liquid form. Which form a gardener chooses to use is entirely a choice, but both forms are designed to provide the same effective results, beginning with the early development of strong root systems followed by healthy, thriving plants that when blooming will produce better quality flowers.

Plants treated with bloom enhancement products also develop better resistance to disease and pest attacks, which has the advantage of reducing the need to use pesticides. It is imperative that only top quality products, free of impurities, are used to ensure the best results.

Bloom enhancement products are typically applied to flower plants before buds begin to break open into full bloom. This insures that the blooms are of the best quality formation when fully opened. An additional application is given two weeks later. Powdered versions require pre-mixing with water as per manufacturer’s instructions, and are suitable for both soil application and hydroponic gardening methods.

Liquid products are typically come in concentrated form and therefore also require pre-mixing with water before application. Some are applied to the soil while others are sprayed directly on the flower buds before they begin to break open. Re-application instructions vary by product.

Bloom enhancement products consist of high quality plant nutrients that are free of impurities and mixed to into an optimum concentration to ensure healthy, attractive blooms growing cycle after growing cycle.

How perfect flower heard are grown?No application of specialized products will guarantee ideal flower heads if the soil is inferior and/or the seedlings are not healthy and strong specimens. While such products are primarily created to advance the quality, strength and formation of flowers this is only possible if the entire plant is treated from the root system up.

Strong, healthy plants are only possible if the soil (or water in the case of hydroponic gardening) contains the right nutrients in the correct concentration, therefore such products designed to speed up blooming should be considered as augmentation and not as a substitute. Provided they are used in addition to planting in rich growing soil and planting strong, healthy seedlings gardeners and growers should be able to look forward to beautiful, well formed flowers.